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The great success that Fokker achieved with its F27 model encouraged the Dutch manufacturer to go one step further. In this way, in Apr1962 the new project was announced: The F28 Fellowship.
On the occasion of the 57th anniversary of the prototype´s first flight, -May 9, 1967-, we glad to invite you to the launch of this new Blog fokkerfellowship28.blogspot.com, dedicated absolutely to the Fellowship.
We invite all those who are passionate about this small Dutch colossus to share their experiences, photographs, or information in this space. The site is under development, and we hope all readers will like it.
Welcome aboard

Gonzalo Carballo & Carlos Abella

Saskatoon to Lethbridge

We share images sent by Rik Barry that illustrate the transfer of the Fokker F-28 Mk.1000 C-GTAV cn. 11106. On April 26, 2024, the airplane began its last journey when three trucks and seven cars left Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for Lethbridge, Alberta in Canada. The convoy arrived at its destination on April 29, after traveling 700 km in four days.
    The plane was acquired by the Time Air Historical Society and will be restored. This organization is dedicated to the preservation of aircraft that belonged to the Time Air fleet and that will be displayed at the company's base, Lethbridge Airport, Alberta, Canada.
    At the TAHS museum, the C-GTAV will be restored and displayed in Time Air's outstanding “Silver Jubilee” livery.
    Originally, the German government had ordered three Fokker F-28 Mk.5000, a freighter version based on the Mk.1000, one of the aircraft chosen to be delivered was cn 11106. However, the German government canceled the order to support the development of VFW 614 and changed the order of three F-28s to three VFW-614s and serial number 11106 was reassigned to Garuda.

Source: Time Air Historical Society
Thanks: Rik Barry & Alex Praglowski.